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For some reason I continue to hope against hope, and pray that you’ll text me. But I know that you won’t, at least that’s what my head says, but my heart just wants to keep hurting itself and believe that you’ll talk to me. I know that it’s not me you want to talk to, that’s why I won’t say anything to you first. I’m not Rylee, nor am I Logan, or the other best friend that you have. I am just a person you met this year, but I can assure you that I’ll be the best fried you’ll ever have. I know I keep telling you that I’m no good, and that I’m awful for you, but I only say this cause I care. I care enough to want to protect you, I care enough that I’ve stuck around even though you’ve ignored me for two weeks, and ditched me. I’ve been the only one that you’ve complained about personal stuff to, I’ve been the only one to ditch my original plans and drop everything to be there. Yet here I am, and there you are ignoring me, letting me sit here and hurt. So thanks, you’re just like all the others.

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